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DStV again

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How did you go with the problem fabricator last year, and the DSTV
Conrad Harrison
The problem of DStV files for some parts not matching exactly with the detail drawings  occurred twice in the past 6 months.
The first time, our DStV files were correct.
I had sent them to some knowledgeable friends along with the drawings  and they certified the files were okay. They pointed out to possible errors in settings at the fabricator's end which could have caused the problem. After we wrote back to the fabricator, that the files were okay, he did not get back to us. We presumed he had erred at his end.
Some months later, we had another problem. All the parts for which we submitted DStV files were okay except for a few clip angles with slotted holes in one leg. The DStV files caused the machine to position these holes wrongly in the leg of the clip angle.

We checked our dwgs. They were okay. The machine was not reading the DStV file properly in the case of these clip angles only. Fortnately these were few in number and we alerted the fabricator not to use the DStV files for clips with slotted holes.
We referred the matter to Tekla. Their office in Mumbai (Bombay) tried to help us but they too got the same results as we did. They even tried an updated and as yet unreleased version of the software but got the same erroneous result. It appears to be a bug in the software. When I last heard from Tekla on this, they had referred the matter to their office in Finland where the software is developed.
In the meantime, we are issuing disclaimers to our clients that Dstv files are supplied by us gratis, with no obligation in this regard. We will stand by our drawings only and will not be responsible for the accuracy of the DStV files which are generated from the software and merely passed on to those clients who ask for them. We make it clear that we cannot check these and will not be responsible for them. The client must use DStV files with discretion and in case of discrepancy, we will only answer for what is indicated in our drawings.

Since we do not charge for them, there has been no issue so far. If the client stipulates that we must issue DStV files that are always correct, we will decline the assignment.

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