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Re: Weak Rivets...etc.

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He's talking about the partial collapse of one of the existing approach spans due to Loma Prieta, not the new bridge.
I'm sort of sad to have seen the tone in a few of the response e-mails to Dr. Astaneh's post.  While I may not agree with all his points or sentiments in the original e-mail, I really do appreciate his participation and encouragement on this list to expand the subject matter beyond basic clarification inquiries or requests for help.  Where else can you get a discussion amongst so many engineers in a related field?
Conrad, I'll have to read your e-mail in chapters, but thanks for the free book.

jatech(--nospam--at) wrote:
Quoting Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl :

> 1989 when I started my work on the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge , which
> by the way in my view is the best example of the worst structural engineering
> and disregard to public safety .

Do you not consider it relevant to inform the list that your design for the
bridge did not win the competition.


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