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Re: Weak Rivets...etc.

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I didn't ask why some of the responses had an angry tone. I got that part.  I wrote that I was sad about the tone of some of the responses, which in my opinion were disrespectful and in two instances quite agitated.
One thing to make clear is that Astaneh does not accuse all engineers of being morally corrupt.  He does state that there ARE members in the engineering community and in the building official capacity that can/could be/are corrupt - or can/could/do let pressures internal and external lead them to make bad decisions.
What he concludes with is trying to encourage engineers to stick up for themselves when pressured and to report and alert people when they see others (officials and engineers) being corrupt.
I can see how someone who has been involved in forensic engineering of bridge and building collapses (whatever the cause) for several decades would somehow have these thoughts on the brain - and the SEAINT list server would be a good place to share some esoteric thoughts with fellow engineers.
Please go back and read the post.  I am not asking you to agree with Astaneh or his colleague.  Heck, I don't agree with quite a few things in there either.  I am just asking you to go back and look at the post again with a different perspective in mind - and to keep in mind how some of the Listers have responded.
If anything, some of the responses to Astaneh's post, with terms like "this guy" and such should be the unwelcome ones.  We should be so lucky that Dr. Astaneh even bothers posting on the list, along with a few members like Buddy and others that represent large organizations for our mutual benefit.  It is pretty shameful to see what I consider thoughtless and knee-jerk responses to that post.
I agree with you that the tone of the List should be positive and professional - and definitely even more so when we are posting responses in disagreement.
-Ben Maxwell

Christopher Wright <chrisw(--nospam--at)> wrote:

On Apr 17, 2008, at 11:03 AM, Benjamin Maxwell wrote:

> I'm sort of sad to have seen the tone in a few of the response e-
> mails to Dr. Astaneh's post.
I suspect the rather strident, not to say accusatory, tone and
language like 'moral corruption' probably dampen the chatter.
Accusations of professional misconduct should be brought before the
responsible engineering boards for appropriate peer judgment. They
don't belong on this list.

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