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Re: Weak Rivets of Titanic, Weak Steel Bearing Walls of WTC, Weak,Levees of New Orleans- Weak Gussets of I-35W Bridge= 6000 deaths

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To: Structural Engineers Association International Members
From: Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl
Date: April 19, 2008
Subject: Weak Rivets of Titanic, Weak Steel Bearing Walls of WTC, Weak Levees of New Orleans- Weak Gussets of I-35W Bridge= 6000 deaths

Dear SEA-Int. Friends:
Thank you for comments you made yesterday on "Weak Rivets, ... " and in response to an e-mail by my scientist friend Mike. Unfortunately, some are somewhat impolite and not at the level of a structural engineering professional posting on a professional site. I will send the one that is polite in my view to my scientist friend. I just can't share the rest with him or anyone else outside my Seaint tribe. My yard stick for this are the policies posted on almost all forums and comment sites (I am surprised that SEAINT does not have a moderator nor "posting policy" to ensure that inappropriate comments are not posted. May be there is such a note and I have not seen it, but if there is not Seaint should have one just for the sake of protecting itself against lawsuits for providing means of delivery for unlawful statements and posting them permanently for public view.

As an example, I have taken the following from the Comments section of the Pioneer Press newspaper in St. Paul Minnesota , a very fine paper (
"/The Pioneer Press is happy to host community conversations about news and life in the Twin Cities. As hosts, we expect guests will show respect for each other. That means we don't threaten or defame each other, and we keep conversations free of personal attacks. Witty is great. Abusive is not. If you think a post violates these standards, don't escalate the situation. Instead, flag the comment to alert us. We'll take action if necessary./

/It's not hard. This should be a place where people want to read and contribute -- a place for spirited exchanges of opinion. So those who persist with racist, defamatory or abusive postings risk losing the privilege to post at all."


Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor and Consultant on Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering and
Protection of Buildings and Bridges against Blast and Impact.

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