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RE: Climate Change

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The "anger" is actually "frustration."

To me, it is as if an aggregate number of scientists had declared the Earth to be "flat," and everyone needs to adjust everything they do accordingly.

I resolutely support the notion that any groups of scientists, or anyone else for that matter, to assert whatever they want, but this is just getting CRAZY.

You have undeniable evidence that these "savants" have been cooking the books (e.g. the famous "hockey-stick graph" that was completely bogus, the idiot "scientist" in Colorado who chose the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to announce that he had 'absolute' evidence that hurricanes were gaining in strength because of 'global warming' - he has since recanted those allegations because he's essentially got nothin' in the way of documentation of those claims - and so on).

I am no global climate expert - though several of the most noted such as Dr. Spencer at UAH, are skeptical to say the least - but I AM an observer that statists and totalitarians love to glom onto any opportunity to assert control over liberty.

MY FAITH is that THAT is what is happening, NOT "manmade global climate change." The only change in "climate" will be the one where you can live your life free of obtrusive government and supernational-government interference.

Like I said: "follow the money."

And insofar as "anger" is concerned: Sometimes you have to get angry, when the situation warrants it. This is, imo, such a situation.

> Perhaps this has become too emotional an issue to try to discuss.
> I agree with 
> much of what you have said but the argument has to be made without
> anger in a 
> way that will influence others.

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