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RE: Testing Connection >> I have not been receiving messages during the past weeks?

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I, too, was dropped about 6 months ago.  As far as I can tell
it happened because I had a full mailbox in my ISP's server.
The full box must have caused a denial of delivery for a few
postings and that caused me to be dropped from the SEAint
list.  I'm not sure that this is the reason, but it seems resonable.

Lloyd Pack, P.E.

On 21 Apr 2008 at 13:41, Dennis Wish wrote:

> Jim,
> I?ve notice that this happens from time to time ? I will be removed
> from the list and not understand why I have not been receiving e-mail.
> I?ve had e-mail from others regarding this and the only time that
> everyone appeared to be offline was for about five days a couple weeks
> ago. When you (or anyone) notices that you are not receiving posts
> from the list, the easiest thing to do is to simply subscribe again by
> going to the SEAINT website at and choosing the
> Listservice subscription page. You can either subscribe as new or
> unsubscribe yourself and then re-subscribe as new. Both methods seem
> to work. I don?t understand why members are dropped and I don?t think
> it has anything to do with the frequency in which you read or
> participate in posts. Over the years since we first started the list
> it has happened to me more than ten times ? but then it may be because
> I never learned to keep my fingers from out-running my mouth J
> Regards,
> Dennis

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