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RE: knocked off again

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Haven't had any noticeable problems recently.  There have been few stretches of what seems like relatively light traffic (around the 11th or so and about the 20th of this month).  But everything seems to be coming through to me (at least based upon a comparison of the SEAINT archives and what I have sitting on my email client - and yes, I am a packrat so, I have quite a lot of the messages still sitting there).  And I am NOT a SEAOC (or any other SEA) member, so I doubt that has anything to do with it.
Adrian, MI
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Subject: knocked off again

For some reason, I have not received a copy of my posts to the list from the last two days. This has been happening quite frequently lately and I am aware that it has occurred a few times, but in the last month I’ve been unsubscribed twice, and the list has been down once for nearly four days. Are others experiencing these problems? Can it be that I choose not to be a member of SEA that I am being removed from the list (that I co-founded nearly 13-years ago) or is it just a strange coincidence?


A few of you have e-mailed me to alert me that you have had problems with the list and I suggested you re-subscribe. I’ve done this again (the third time in a month) and am going to try and post this even though I am waiting for a confirmation.


No conspiracy theories here – but it is rather unusual for the list server to keep dumping frequent users off the list. I hope it is not censorship, but then I don’t receive a response when I ask for an explanation J


If you have had this happen, please let SEAINT.ORG know this by bringing it to the attention of the list members in order to try and find out the frequency that this is occurring; either in mail mode or digest mode.





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