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Re: Vibration Problem

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It is mainly a piping flexibility issue,  rather than a mare structural straightening issue.  One of the possibility to address this problem is to go for combined dynamic analysis for piping and structure model to reflect right structural stiffness of the structure, using ansys. 
I would strongly advice involvement of rotating equipment specialist to investigate the compressor operating parameters Vs design parameters and look at the piping stress analysis for the support loads and support type considered in the structure design.  This would give you a good hint on why it is happening. 
One straight forward way of reducing the impact on the structure, is make the first support of these large pipes on the structures, a sliding support or a spring type support.
Best Regards
Lakshamana RK Nukala

On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 11:18 AM, Swami Raviraj (Mumbai - Civil) <R.Swami(--nospam--at)> wrote:

In one of the process structure(in petroleum industries ) which is @ 60m high & plan dimensions 34 x 54m at bottom (with offset of 9 x 12m ) & reduced to 22x 20m(at top)
It's RCC up to first level & steel above it.
It's already erected at site (Operating condition)
there is one big compressor  at ground level (located at hardly 1 - 1.5m) from  main structure.
Two big pipes are coming from this compressors (900 dia) & entering in main structure at 25m  level from ground level
3 supports are taken for pipe from main structure at intermediate levels.

when  we start this compressor the structure also starts vibrating (& its really much more like earthquake at 25m level)

Now I have to check that why its happening & what are the remedial measures for it.

So I need your suggestions for it

Raviraj R. Swami
Tecnimont ICB,
Civil Dept.

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