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RE: Welcome to the beer forum

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For a while, what I lacked in drinking habits, I was trying to make up in facial hair.  I was getting close to the "mountain man" look (that is if you consider balding part of the "mountain man" look).  Besides, I am not really a timber framer...I am a timber framing engineer.  There are exceptions for nerdiness and "gearheadiness"!  ;-)
Adrian, MI
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Are you sure you've properly notified the authorities at the Timber Framer's Guild about your drinking problem?  Between my lightweight drinking habits and lack of facial hair, I was afraid they were going to throw me out of the TTRAG meetings a month ago.

While I was there, though, I managed to sample a Wild Goose Nut Brown which was quite tasty. (I've recently decided to try sampling more beer, but apparently can't stand the strong hoppy bitterness which appears to be the hallmark of so many lauded beverages)

Scott Maxwell wrote:
Now, if all of you start fighting about which beer is best, then someone might be dumb enough to suggest returning to a discussion of politics!  <grin>  You all play nice with your beer...I am going to go enjoy a nice soda pop!  :-)  Yes, I am a "heathen" that does not drink beer (unless you count root beer)...although the discussion is almost as entertaining to watch a political rants!
Adrian, MI
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