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RE: 85mph overhang pressures

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Yeah, that’s basically the conclusion I came to as well.  Still, I am curious why 85mph is not included.


Thanks to everyone for their input.


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Subject: 85mph overhang pressures




As someone else said, pressure is a function of V^2.


So if my math is correct, the difference between 85mph and 90mph:


(90)^2-(85)^2   x 100% = 12%



Now a 12% increase in overhang uplift in my opinion affects nothing. So you end up MAYBE with a slightly larger uplift strap. Great, that is the weakest point of the structure and money well spent. Since straps are less than a buck anyway for the most part. I have seen lots of roof and structural failures that started with the uplift strap.


I would use 90mph and rock on.



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