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beer is proof, the good lord loved us

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That's Benjamin Franklin, paraphrased...
OK, way long and off topic. Sorry, just delete now.
No matter your politics, religion, or country of origin, if you love beer you can pull your bar stool up to me and toast and we can chat all day.
There are some good reasons most big American Brews are "wussy or tasteless", or more properly, light lagers.
The first brewers to this country were German or Belgian or British. But dark porters, Weiss beers or cloudy triple fermented Belgium whites did not go over so well in the much hotter American summers. So light lagers became more popular. Also the Wars, especially WWI and II led to rationing and shipping interruptions, so the used what they had available and in abundance, your basic corn, wheat and barley. Fancy hops were either imported or had to come from the Pacific NW. Finally, prohibition killed many small breweries so only the big brewers like Coors, Anheuser-Busch, and Michelob were left standing. And I agree their products are pretty tame and the same.
Thank goodness the microbrew business has taken off the last 20 years or so, perhaps led by Sam Adams which is now a pretty big company but still does a lot of microbrewing techniques. I have had plenty of beer conversations with you guys on the list, off the list, it is a common bond.
I have been lucky to travel a lot to other countries and all around Europe, and lived for a summer in Germany, where my ancestry is from, and while they make some of my favorite brews I am partial to Belgium. They have the most breweries per capita in the world, so they must know what they are doing.
In the US it seems the best micros are in places with lots of mountains, like Vermont and Colorado. Must be the cold weather and the great water.
If you do not like your beers "bittery and hoppy", stay way away from Pales Ales or India Pale Ales (IPAs), and probably you will not like stouts and porters (Guiness). But you may really enjoy reds like Killians (Coors) and maybe even something like a Tucher (Germany), Blue Moon (coors), Summer Wheat from Leinenkugels, or really anything that comes with a citrus. Don't believe those Lite beer commercials where real beer does not come with fruit, as these help bring out the hop flavors that make these types of beers so rich and flavorful. I am listing more popular beers you can get at most bars and supermarkets. I love a lot of the micros the other guys have mentioned. And I always just ask the bartender about what they have on tap, they usually love talking about it. Tell them what you like, a similar beer, and they will steer you right!
Long Trail Brewery, Vermont- Go to the brewery, tour it, buy a shirt, then sit down and enjoy all they have to offer.
Fat Tire, Colorado
Flying Dog, Colorado
Leinenkugels, Wisconsin (partial to my birthplace)
Oregon - on my trips up there, many to offer, just try them
Conrad, our regular Aussie correspondent- What is your favorite Aussie beer? I have had other Aussies tell me that Fosters is like Budweiser, though some people there drink it, it is not considered very good. It is a big export beer. I personally like the can but hate the product....
OK, back to work to earn some money for my Friday afternoon Happy Hour!!