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RE: When is Flame Bending Acceptable?

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The material properties of steel should be unchanged for temperatures below 1100 degrees F.  The biggest concern about heating reinforcing steel is the potential to damage the concrete.  This has been in the ACI commentary for quite a while.  The limits of heating weldable steel are in the AWS Section 5.26.2.
I think that the heat input into the concrete may be more of an issue unless it is in an area of little consequences. 

Harold Sprague

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Subject: When is Flame Bending Acceptable?
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 21:43:18 -0500

I’m wondering when flame bending of steel in the field is acceptable.  I’m considering using it on a tension strap anchor.  I have a case where I want to use a steel bar to be a tension tie to a concrete column.  I have a concrete beam in the way.  I want to go down the face of the beam and bend the bar back into the column.  The face of the column sets back 2 inches from the face of the beam.  I’m thinking about putting a steel shim in at the setback to keep the edge of the concrete beam from chipping and bending the strap back to the face of column where I can expansion bolt it into the concrete.


I don’t think it is reasonable to pre-bend it because this will occur numerous times and the 2” setback is not exact in each case.  Would this be a bad idea?   What precautions should be taken r what other option should I consider?






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