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Wind Uplift on Awning

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I have a client who is creating a shade area by attaching a canvas awning between two exterior trellises. The canvas panels are 22’-0” x 16’-6” and there is a gap of about 1’-8” between them. There area a total of three canvas panels to form a shaded area of about 22’-0” x 38’-0”.


I’m a noobie when it comes to the ASCE 7 wind load provisions and I’m not really sure on what to use to calculate the wind uplift. My interest is in the design of the cables and particularly the attachment of the cables to the trellises. In my mind, I don’t think these items are C&C, but I could be wrong.


What should I use, Method 2, MFRS or C&C?


From what table should I obtain the gust coefficients?




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