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Re: Climate Change

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David Fisher wrote:
I think it would also be nice if the politicians stop taking money from the
Oil companies...
I've never gotten a satisfactory answer to this from any leftist.

What is it that, to you, is wrong with "oil companies?" Do you realize how much tax revenue they represent? Do you realize they are no longer "oil companies," but "energy companies?" There are now no domestic refineries owned by any of the large "oil companies." Because of environmental red-tape and a subsequent decline in profitability, they have all been sold to small operating companies such as Valero, Frontier or Hunt.

Most "oil companies" are now solely involved in upstream production, almost entirely offshore, and in petrochemicals.

So, what is it that "the oil companies" do, that has people like you so upset? If they suddenly ceased to exist (or were "windfall profits-taxed" down to miniscule size) what benefit do YOU see that would come of it? How, for instance, would it benefit the millions of pensioners and investors who own their stock - the de facto IDENTITY of "oil companies"?

I'd seriously like to know. This "evil oil companies" mantra is hollow, possessed of nearly ZERO factual argument. So please, try and lay one on me.

Or find another mantra.

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