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Re: Climate Change

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Scott Maxwell wrote:
The less political side of sustainable design is talking about
the technical side of things.  Don't get so wrapped up in the "whys".  Not
everyone believes in sustainable design because they think that global
warming is real and will destroy the world.  Some might just think that
"hey, might it not be nice to try to make more prudent use of materials and
maybe save myself some money".
That's fine - IF the politicians wouldn't get involved. But with the huge bucks that George Soros and his ilk (the TRUE threats to our liberties, not the "oil companies," whoever that is) have to throw them, that's just not gonna happen.

All this stuff is being MANDATED legislatively, and that's the ultimate problem. It's a slow (or not-so-slow, anymore) turn toward the "planned economy" that has NEVER worked and in fact has served to impoverish billions over nearly a century of world history.

If companies were allowed to notice for themselves "hey, people want "green" on the label," then that's fine. Market forces ALWAYS work, efficiently and correctly. But that's not what's happening.

Take the "biofuels" catastrophe. In just the two years since the Democrat took control of Congress, and made good on their Algorish promise to provide "alternate energy solutions" (which to them, meant biofuels and wind-power and other such "solutions" with little or no real proven technology behind them), they have managed to create a global food shortage!

That's what "planned economy" does for you, whether it's a famine in the 1920s Ukraine or the environmental DISASTER that was East Germany. It NEVER works, because among other things no one is ACCOUNTABLE for its working (unlike the free market). It's all just slogans for the next election cycle (until the Left gets its fond wish of a Cuba-style dictatorship, anyway).

I am all for hybrid vehicles and recycled content and low carbon footprint this, that and the other thing. But the pols won't allow that to just "happen"; they will insist on getting CREDIT for it as much as possible, and controlling it with their own hands. And that spells DISASTER.

Look at the price of gas since the latest Congress took "control" of energy policy. Look at the food price increases. You can blame "the oil companies" if you don't want to actually THINK about any of it, but that won't change reality.

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