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RE: bill IS sometimes right...

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I second the motion!



Andrew’s manifesto is “right on”



While I am the current in a long line of New England democrats, the older I get

The more I have a “live and let live” attitude.



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Andrew Kester for President!


... As an independent moderate of sorts, I listen to what everyone has to say and then make up my own mind, and it usually ends up being a blend of right and left wing. I can watch Bill O-Reilly and Olberman, listen to a little Rush though his personality drives me nuts, and laugh at Bill Maher's jokes. I am not invested in a party or specific ideal so I am not on the defense. As engineers we are fact finders, this is not much of a subjective profession, so why not take some of those traits into our own political analysis? It is not about name calling and labeling such as right wing bible thumpers (I have many family members that would fit into this category), or left wing Al Gore loving tree hugging hippy liberals....