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Re: CNN Reports Low Quality Steel Imported From China

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> From: "Conrad Harrison" <sch.tectonic(--nospam--at)>

>> Christopher Wright said:
>> Might be a good idea to start requiring your service center to start issuing
>> certs when he sells you structural steel.

> But it is small builders, owner/builders and fabricator manufacturers that
> are the problem. They don't really understand specifications, and rely on
> good faith of suppliers: and on small projects engineers just supply designs
> and have no supervisory role or authority of any kind on the project.

I've got news for you if you believe that the material quality problem is
limited to "small" operators, imports or other identifiable supply chain

As a colleague of mine suggested, "Why limit quality checks to off-shore
suppliers?" He is/was right in my experience:

- large North American mill supplies poor material; quality issue identified
by welder in a fabricator's shop - many purchasers affected;

- ship load Euro-mill purchase by North American warehouse/service centre;
quality issue identified by one end user's QC programme (e.g. diligent
consultant) after shipping to site - many purchasers/end users affected;

- large North American fabricator with ISO certified quality programme and
NO purchased material QC programme; paraphrasing, "It's the supplier's
responsibility to ensure that we get the material that we ordered." The
potential is mind boggling considering the types of public structures that
can be affected (e.g. stadiums).

So, the mill's are messing up and issuing inaccurate certs, the service
centres are redistributing bad material OR mixing material/certs and the
fabricators don't feel obligated to check.

Based on my experience, I have very little faith in mill certs from ANY
source that have not been followed up by supply chain confirmation. It is
far too easy to provide a cert that doesn't apply (intentionally or
unintentionally) to the piece of steel in front of you OR to lose track of
which pieces came from which mill run. Small projects with small budgets are
most easily affected but the cost of confirmation is SO small.

However, I suspect that CNN's story is probably some anecdotal crap and they
likely found an Architect to comment on camera.

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