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Re: I am beginning to think that those of you using the IBC are not as swift as I thought :)

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I should have been clearer that the PRECEPTION of many engineers is that
seismic will not govern.  But, the reality is that in many locations it is
HIGHLY doubtful that there will be an engineer doing seismic design per the
IBC/ASCE 7 for a wood-framed single family residence...and of that small
number of engineers involved in such work, even fewer of them will be active
participates on this email list.  This does not mean that seismic design per
the IBC/ASCE 7 for single-family residence is not an important issue and
done regularly in certain areas outside of California...but it is limited.
I know that there are some locations that require the involvement of
engineers on single-family homes much like California does, but more often
than not, it is NOT required in many locations...especially where the IRC is


Adrian, MI

On 5/6/08 4:40 PM, "Stuart, Matthew" <mStuart(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> Scott,
> I disagree with your statement concerning the likelihood of seismic design
> controlling in the majority of the U.S. Here on the east coast, under the IBC,
> it is not uncommon to have seismic control over wind when the seismic site
> classification has been established as C, D or E.
> Matthew Stuart
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> From: Scott Maxwell [mailto:smaxwell(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Tue 5/6/2008 6:44 PM
> To: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Re: I am beginning to think that those of you using the IBC are not
> as swift as I thought :)
> Dennis,
> My friend, keep in mind that for the vast majority of the country, seismic is
> a relatively non-issue.  The biggest area that deals with seismic (California)
> has only recently started dealing with the IBC.  Then factor in that most of
> the country allows the use of the IRC for single residence home design.  And
> then factor in that in many places in the country, an engineer is not required
> for single residence home design.  The point is that number of engineers that
> actively use the IBC for seismic design of wood-framed single residence homes
> is rather limited.  Then further reduce that number as only a small portion of
> those likely participate on this email list.  That is the unfortunately
> reality.
> Regards,
> Scott
> Adrian, MI

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