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HAS Weld Symbol

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I was skimming through “Detailing for Steel Construction” second edition (AISC, NSD) book today.  On page 4-34 under “Stud Welds” there is a word description for the weld symbol for welding studs by a stud-welding gun.  It says a circle containing an “X” lying only on the arrow side with the stud size located to the left of the circle, pitch to the right and the number of studs in parentheses below the circle.  I have the stud size figured out, the pitch is the spacing?  But why list the number of studs, or for that matter the spacing, if that information is shown elsewhere such as on the framing plan.  Or, am I confused?  It also refers to figure 4-24bb.  When I go to figure 4-24bb the symbol there looks nothing like the word description.  It shows a butt weld with “SW” in the note location at the end of the symbol.


Are there any steel detailers out there that can clarify this for me.  I have seen on many standard details on structural drawings studs being welded with the weld symbol being a fillet weld “all around” with a fillet size given.  Is the fillet weld that I have seen appropriate? And, if so, what size of fillet size should be listed for the different stud diameters?



Joe Grill