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Re: HAS Weld Symbol

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                        AWS A 2.4:2007 does not say it must all be called out on the symbol, but shows how the Stud Weld symbol can provide all the information you have provided separately. It is consistent with your description. The pitch is the spacing. Since much of the information is shown separately, I think the weld symbol can be just the circle and X. Since I am not looking at "Detailing for Steel Construction" second edition (AISC, NSD), I know nothing about figure 4-24bb.

On the next project, maybe just the weld symbol could be used. If my experience carries to your part of the country, either what is installed will be something other than what is called out or you will receive more than one telephone call. Weld symbols other than fillets are not well understood – some shops and welders (and engineers) are good at groove welds, but that’s not the norm.


            Jim Getaz

            Winchester, Virginia