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Re: HAS Weld Symbol

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It has been my experience that small shops fabricating small projects will opt
for fillet welding of studs rather than making the investment in a stud welding
machine. It has also been my experience that they will not grind off the nipple.


Quoting "Joseph R. Grill" <jrgrill(--nospam--at)>:

> I was skimming through "Detailing for Steel Construction" second edition
> (AISC, NSD) book today.  On page 4-34 under "Stud Welds" there is a word
> description for the weld symbol for welding studs by a stud-welding gun.  It
> says a circle containing an "X" lying only on the arrow side with the stud
> size located to the left of the circle, pitch to the right and the number of
> studs in parentheses below the circle.  I have the stud size figured out,
> the pitch is the spacing?  But why list the number of studs, or for that
> matter the spacing, if that information is shown elsewhere such as on the
> framing plan.  Or, am I confused?  It also refers to figure 4-24bb.  When I
> go to figure 4-24bb the symbol there looks nothing like the word
> description.  It shows a butt weld with "SW" in the note location at the end
> of the symbol.
> Are there any steel detailers out there that can clarify this for me.  I
> have seen on many standard details on structural drawings studs being welded
> with the weld symbol being a fillet weld "all around" with a fillet size
> given.  Is the fillet weld that I have seen appropriate? And, if so, what
> size of fillet size should be listed for the different stud diameters?
> Thanks,
> Joe Grill

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