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RE: HAS Weld Symbol

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When I was a junior inspector on a bridge job, I was looking at the composite stringer beams just after they were erected.  And what I saw sent me running to the chief inspector yelling, "That stupid Contractor is proceeding with erection and at least ten percent of the studs are bent!!  Wasamatter with the id10t!!" 


Ya live 'n learn.


Bob G.


From: Gordon Goodell [mailto:GordonGoodell(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: RE: HAS Weld Symbol


Harold Sprague wrote:

“The critical thing is the testing.  This should always be required.  The testing will also determine if the stud has the appropriate CE.  This is more important with welding DBA's as opposed to welding rebar.  Also, I just like hitting things with a hammer.


How does this test work?  I remember when studying composite design my professor said, “The requirement is to hit the stud with a 10# hammer, and if it’s still there it passes.”  Is it really that simple?  I don’t have AWS D1.1, but I assume you have to test some percentage of the studs.  Sounds like a fairly destructive testing method; are you really trying to break it off, or just listening for the ring?




Gordon Goodell

Driggs, Idaho

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