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RE: Post Tensioned Masonry Walls

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The best thing that I have at this time for prestressed masonry is the Masonry Designers' Guide 5th Edition.  It has a section on prestressed masonry including some examples.  You can get it from TMS ( 
I don't know if the next edition of Drysdale's textbook will have more prestressed masonry or not.  The 2nd edition is fairly limited.  The 3rd edition should be out sometime soon.  TMS was going through proofing/editting last Fall, but I have not seen the final version available yet.
Adrian, MI
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Subject: Post Tensioned Masonry Walls

I am looking for texts, design examples etc. for post tensioned masonry walls.  I’m pretty much a “rookie” in this area, so I am looking for pretty much the basics and simple wall design examples and background.


I’m not doing any design at this point and may not depending on what I can find on the subject.  If I do get into the design on a project, the projects would be pretty simple in nature.


Do any of you have any suggestions for this kind of information?  I have done an internet search and can’t really find what I am looking for.  Maybe it doesn’t exist.



Joe Grill