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RE: Wind Uplift on Awning

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Scott Maxwell wrote:

Note, I did not go into why C&C pressures tend to be larger because I am
assuming that you know why already and did not want to appear to be
"insulting your intelligence" (which is never my intent, but I have been
told that I sometimes come across that way when I am merely just trying to
offer a detailed explanation...i.e. I get long winded...pun intended).  If
my assumption is wrong and you want that explanation (at least at I
understand it), then I would be more than glad to engage the long winded
mode and elaborate.

<end quote>

Please elaborate. If everyone on the listserver was fully knowledgeable and
experienced in all areas, then there wouldn't be anything to discuss: and no
need for the list. Also not everyone questions what they do, and this list
makes issues more immediate than journals. Plus everything posted in the
emails, also gets redirected to various other locations which are indexed by

Thus information and debate is available for code writers to use to revise
codes and commentaries and improve our understanding of intent.

Further students and graduates may be reading the list, to get a handle on
how to put things into practice. Conflicting views to demonstrate things are
not clear cut, and do not have exact mathematical answers is good for them
to learn.

Then again: some of my posts are so long winded, the listserver seems to
reject. So for those who think what I post is long, you have been saved from
the really long ones.

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia

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