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re: C and C wind loading

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Scott, did you realize at the end of your long wind post, you said "long winded"? You are just too funny for your own good sometimes.
I agree with Scott's summary. All we do is wind loading down here, and I have gone to a class based on Florida Building Code (IBC based code) regarding wind loads too that reiterates this. We basically look at MWFRS as part of the main lateral force system, ie, does it keep the building from falling down? Shear walls, floor and roof lateral diaphgragms, moment frames, braced frames and foundations are about all we design using MWFRS. Everything else is a component, connection, or cladding in my way of thinking, which I believe is the correct interpretation of the intent of the wind specs.
I have had to send back pre-eng wood truss calcs because they were based on MWFRS. You better have a good argument prepared if you want to convince me your average wood trussed roof (2ft o.c.) should be treated as MWFRS.
If I were to design a fabric awning, which I always thought was a pre-eng specialty product, only the foundation would I design as MWFRS. Maybe the connection into the footing could be designed for a MWFRS reaction. And being in Florida I would also have to keep that job a secret from my E and O company :)
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