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RE: Snow Loads

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I presume you’re talking about the typical valleys in a gable/dormer roof system? (As opposed to industrial sawtooth roofs, folded-plate roofs, etc.)


There is not, to my recollection, a specific provision for typical valleys in ASCE 7-05. The question has come up a couple of times in the Snow Loads subcommittee as we work on the ASCE 7-10 updates. The general feeling seems to be that there is not an issue as long as the valley is unobstructed by a parapet or other feature; the assumption is the snow will still slide off. If you feel the snow won’t slide, you could take Cs = 1.0 and also Ce = 1.2 for a “sheltered roof” (per footnote ‘a’ of Table 7-2). Or you could use the sawtooth roof provisions, which I have done in the past, and you’ll be conservative. (At least according to the committee…)




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1997 UBC Appendix Section 1641.3.2 had provisions for snow loads at valleys.


Is there a similar provision in ASCE 7-05


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