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Hold Downs With No Plywood Ductility

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Just heard a rumor out of San Jose State University.

The ASD Hold Down capacity was 30% higher than the Plywood shear wall and yet the Hold Down failed by ripping the screws out of the stud. The plywood showed no obvious signs of distortion relative to the studs. So the wall must have lifted off the base still square in shape.

Ultimate load was 4.7 times the sheathing design capacity and 3.5 times the holdown capacity.

Something is seriously wrong. This is the second event I have heard of where the HD failed before the plywood.

Ultimate strength of plywood needs to be reconsidered to not first fail the HD, Resulting in little plywood ductility. You know, the stuff that allows the very high rho of 6.5

David Merrick, SE

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