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RE: Hold Downs With No Plywood Ductility

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I second that. I feel the same way about the flood and wind damage pictures that go around at the CEU seminars purporting to be examples of poor design.
As an example, I've seen photos of steel buildings with the roof and wall panels blown off. Without a careful study it is difficult to tell from a photo if the engineer left off a safety factor or if the contractor left off a brace or if the owner left the OHGD open or if the structure experienced loads exceeding the design event.

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It's almost impossible to comment without knowing a LOT more details about the testing. Really, one can't comment without reading a full report.

Buddy Showalter, Tom Skaggs, and I could likely fill your e-mail inboxes to overflowing with a discussion of boundary conditions, wall/panel configurations, and their effects on test results. 8-)


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