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Re:Damaged Calculator

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Thanks to all who responded with suggestions, and expressions of sympathy and thanks also to all those who were frankly amused by my desire to repair something so inexpensive when a new one could be obtained at perhaps lesser cost.
Put me down as an eccentric fellow.
My mind, heart and soul simply rebels at the thought of casting away a perfectly good calculator whose limbs, brain, heart and soul are in perfect condition even after this act of dare devilry. Only the face is scarred.
Economy is a fetish with me. I am a fellow who does not allow his family to throw away the old tube of toothpaste when they find it difficult extract any more out of it. I use a pair of pliers or tongs and squeeze out two or three more helpings before I reluctantly cast away the old tube. Cranks like me get some weird pleasure out of all this.
Incidentally, the  mail to Calculated Industries customer service center that I had reproduced in my previous mail bounced. So now getting it repaired is out of question.
I will use it to adorn my office show case or perhaps as a good paper weight.