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RE: Crib wall

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Thanks for the input.  I went out and looked at the wall today.  The concrete is spalling and the cribbing is falling apart.  The rebar is rusted adding to the spalling.  A sample of the concrete is very porus and lightweight.  I think it may be a material problem – pour quality concrete.  Will need to do some testing to confirm.


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: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 12:45 PM
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California ‘Cal Trans’ uses pre-cast concrete cribs extensively for road construction.  They may be a good source of design information.


I’m curious, is the ‘bulge’ due to water behind the existing concrete crib wall? 


You may want to consider using Dixie Anchors as tie backs to repair the damaged wall.  This may not be the visually pleasing approach, but may be much cheaper than re-building the damaged portion of the cribs.



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