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Re: Damaged Calculator

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On May 14, 2008, at 3:13 PM, Garner, Robert wrote:

Or how about that old gas-fired heater in early chevies. Or the moto-minders on the radiator caps of Model A's. Whoops, going back a little too far.
You forgot bias-belted tires with inner tubes, mechanical brakes, split rims, vacuum operated windshield wipers and carburetors with a misnamed device called an 'automatic choke.' After 20 years grieving over a beloved Corvair convertible and the MG-TD I never owned, I think I've seen the light.I think I'm going to have a memorial plaque inscribed with the words, 'Never fall in love with a machine. It's not your friend or your faithful sidekick. It doesn't understand you or offer you comfort or support, and its only guiding principle is Murphy's Law.'

I really hated to give up my HP-67 calculator, but it was a easier when I recalled the afternoon that little red display confirmed that I'd just testified under oath to an incorrect calculation.

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