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RE: Damaged Calculator

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I guess I'm not that young. The kid across the street from me was Jim Lefebrvre's son. We got to hang out at the park occasionally. We swiped one batting glove each from Dusty Baker and Steve Garvey. Jim was kicked off the team for punching Lasorda in the face. Is that wrong?

I can not let this one go.  In the mid and late seventies I would lessen to Dodger games on a old tube radio (I still have it in the attic).  I had to start listening about the fifth inning as when the tubes got hot enough all you got was static.  The Penguin on third, Russell at short, Lopes at second, Garvey on one and Yeager catching for Sutton.  Only outfielder I remember was Dusty Baker.  There is the real indication of how long ago it was I do not remember who else was in the outfield.  This would be in the evening with the kids down and studding differential equations or some other such stuff.