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Re: ASCE question

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Your post has a distinctly bitter tone.  Could it be that you are a
poor loser?  Are you distraught that your hated Detroit Redwings lost
tonight to my beloved Dallas Stars in Hockeytown South?  We gave you
the first three games just to make the series interesting.  Now we
will get down to business.  Besides, you ought to be rooting for your
fellow Wolverine, Marty Turco!

Now, to answer your questions ...

Until reading your post, I was unaware that ASCE offered an email
forwarding service.  I take it that your malfunctioning email address
is smaxwell(--nospam--at)  The people who can fix that are the
staff in the membership department.  Contact Wendy Cowan
(wcowan(--nospam--at), 703-295-6113), Terri Dove (tdove(--nospam--at),
703-295-6072), or Curtis Nunley (cnunley(--nospam--at), 703-295-6198).  If
you drop my name, you can be assured of a slower and less useful

According to the 2008 ASCE Official Register, you are not a member of
any ASCE-7 committee.  However, you are a member of the Committee on
Wood Education through June 2012.  The chair is Robert J. Taylor.
Harrass him if you are being ignored.  Otherwise, contact the vice
chair, my good friend Steve Cramer at UW-Madison, or his good friend,
Dan Wheat at UT-Austin.


Muckety-Puck Stan

Chair, ASCE Technical Region
Member, ASCE Board of Direction
Member, ASCE Executive Committee

On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 6:09 PM, Scott Maxwell <smaxwell(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Dear Mr. High ASCE Muckety-muck:
> I have an ASCE question and though that my good buddy Stan might be able to
> answer me.
> I have been using ASCE's email forwarding service for a while, but in the
> past half year or so, a lot of messages have started bouncing when people
> send to me at that address.  I have tried talking to their "webmaster", but
> have had little luck.  At first, I did not know it was on ASCE's end and the
> "websmaster" denied that it was on their end.  But, now that I KNOW it is on
> their end, I cannot get in touch with ASCE.  Email messages to the webmaster
> bounce and I don't know how else to proceed.
> Is there someone that I can complain to about this situation?  If it does
> not get fixed (or if this is a permenent change to the "benefit"), then it
> is of no benefit to me.  And if it is no benefit to me, then it becomes
> another reason to NOT continue to my ASCE membership.  Frankly, I have
> gotten frustrated with general lack of communication from ASCE on a variety
> of fronts (ASCE 7 being one of them...I am supposedly a "corresponding
> member" of ASCE 7, but I have gotten zero information on meetings or
> activities of the committee...thus, I have given up on participating on ASCE
> 7).
> Thanks,
> Scott
> ____________________________________________
> Scott E. Maxwell, P.E., S.E.
> Structural Engineer
> t: (734) 337-3329
> f: (734) 337-3319
> m: (734) 945-9915
> e: smaxwell(--nospam--at)

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