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RE: Stamping Calcs

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When the checker requires it I number the pages of the calculation 1 of 30, 2 of 30, est.....  This has always worked in the past.
Acie Chance
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From: Doug Mayer [mailto:doug.mayer(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 9:03 AM
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Subject: RE: Stamping Calcs

Maybe it is just CA, but I thought this was a standard requirement.


Doug Mayer, SE


From: Michel Blangy [mailto:mblangy(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 8:55 AM
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Subject: Stamping Calcs


Plan Checker wants EVERY SINGLE SHEET STAMPED. How can I get out of this?



Michel Blangy, P.E.

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