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RE: [CONCRETE] When Is Concrete "Cracked"?

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That sounds about right to me. There is guidance IIRC in ACI 224.1R-07: “Causes, Evaluation, and Repair of Cracks in Concrete Structures”, but I don’t have a copy lying around to check.


Somewhere around I have a nice wallet-sized card from Sika with a range of crack widths marked along the edges.



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I have always heard that 0.6mm or 0.025 in., or whether you can stick a credit card in it is a useful measure.  Of course that is too simple for a committeeman at ACI to consider.

Richard Hess

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Subject: [CONCRETE] When Is Concrete "Cracked"?

I know that reinforced concrete "always cracks," but what is the criterion for determining when it is "too cracked;" that is, that the cracks are significant enough to need attention?

Seriously, I've had a tough time finding a defnition of this in ACI documents, etc.