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Gusset Plates in Steel Bridges, Design, Evaluation and Retrofit

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Dear SEA-Int Friends:
Apparently, a fourth bridge has gusset plate problems!  No, not in
Minnesota as the previous 3 cases were , but this one is in South Dakota:  . Some
info. on the bridge is here:

Yesterday I was telling MPR (Minnesota Public Radio ) reporter that it
is not just Minnesota that has this gusset plate problem, the reason
Minnesota is finding these problems is that you are looking at your
bridges more carefully because of of the 35W tragic collapse. if other
states look into their steel truss bridges, they might find some of them
problematic. Then this morning comes this news from S.D..

FYI, at last Monday meeting, the Structural Steel Educational Council,
publisher of the Steel TIPS reports, kindly approved my proposal for
authoring a Steel TIPS report on "Gusset Plates in Steel Bridges-Design
, Evaluation and Retrofit" .
As I have done for most of Steel TIPS I have done, I am writing to ask
for you advice, input and suggestion on any item that you think I should
include or in any way you like to see addressed.
I appreciate your time on this and will take all your input very
seriously and let you know how I implemented your comments. You can
either post your comments here or you can send them to me privately.
Specially the advice from bridge engineers out there will be very
valuable and much appreciated.

Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor and Consultant on Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering
and protection of Buildings and Bridges against Blast and Impact.


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