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RE: How do you embed an image into your text in an email message?

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In most cases, it was likely due to a person using an email client like Outlook which has HTML support in them.  If so, then you are essentially sending an HTML coded email message that can then display photos within the message.  I don't know if web-based clients can typically do this.  Since I am using Outlook and this message is HTML, I can do this:
There might be ways of using HTML coding in Gmail or Yahoo, but I am not aware of them (I don't use either).
Adrian, MI
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Subject: How do you embed an image into your text in an email message?

I faintly recollect having once received an email with a small picture or sketch embedded in the body of the e mail.
Since a good picture or sketch is sometimes worth a thousand words, I have always wanted to do this.
I use Yahoo mail and Gmail.
How does one do this?
Presently my options are :
1)to send the image file as an attachment.
2)to upload the image file to picture hosting sites like and paste the link in the text of the mail.
In option 2, the receiver needs to click on the link to see the picture in a new window.
My picture or sketch is very small and I want that to appear not separately in another window but right in the body of my mail along with text above or below.
Is this possible?
In internet discussion and chat forums, I am able to do this.
I copy and paste the IMG code of the uploaded image file within the body of the text that I type in the forum's message window  and the image appears in the right place.
I wish I could do this in my emails too and I tried some experiments.
I uploaded a simple image file to where I have registered, and it gave me Email and IM links, HTML links, direct links, IMG codes for the uploaded image file and I tried copying and pasting them all in turn in the body of the email message.
Only the links appear, not the actual picture.
Am I doing something wrong?
Or is this facility not yet available in Yahoo mail or Gmail?
Thanks in advance for any information in this regard.