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WTC tech article

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I am not starting a discussion here, but can someone suggest the MOST OFFICIAL (FEMA, AISC, ASCE, etc) online published document regarding the findings of the investigation of the World Trade Center collapses.
I think ASCE recently published their investigation of the other 47 story building that did not get hit by the planes. I have that and have read some of that, I want to read the latest on the two towers.
I am an anti-conspiracy theorist and like to disarm such arguments and ideas with technical facts from the experts.
My favorite lay person ridiculous argument is that "the steel could not have melted because the jet fuel burns at X degrees", which varies everytime I hear it. But according to AISC, the strength vs temp curve plot starts to plummet at 800 degees Farenheit. So of course it did not melt, it never had a chane to get close to that temperature before it loss enough strength to fail.
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