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RE: CMU Spec

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Are you talking material specifications?  If so, "weldable" rebar is typically ASTM A706 (which ACI 318 also requires for seismic use unless you get ASTM A615 bars that meet some additional requirements in ACI 318...see section 21.2.5 of ACI 318-05), CMU is typically ASTM C90 (but there are others depending on the type of CMU, and brick is typically ASTM C216 (but again there are others depending on the type of brick).  If you are talking more of a construction performance spec, then that would be ACI 301 for concrete and ACI 530.1/TMS 602/ASCE 6 for masonry.
You might have to be little more specific for those of use not complete familiar with UBC stuff such as UBC standards.
Adrian, MI
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Hello all:
I have plan check corrections for these items and I have found out no one in our company has updated their plan spec yet, so I am the fall guy.  I need to change our old specs for Concrete Block U.B.C. STD. 21-4  Grade N; for Brick U.B.C. STD. 21-4
and Welding of Rebar  U.B.C. STD. 19.1  low hydrogen.  What are the new designated spec for these ?
Thanks very much
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA

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