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embedded posts resisting vehicle impact

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I have been ask to do a proposal on a project in which a portion of the design is to determine the post embedment required to resist AASHTO requirements for vehicle impact.  Without digging out a reference, I believe it is 10K at 30”, or something, above the road surface.  Similar to the guard rails that you see all over with embedded timber.  The designer selected, on this project, will only have to look at the embedment of the posts into the ground.


I would think that the 10K would not have to be resisted by the embedment of a single post as the 10K would be distributed over several posts depending on spacing etc.  It’s been a while since I looked at the AASHTO specs, but I don’t recall a procedure for this.


Is there any reverences out there that would show this?  I would think this has been done many times.  If there are no references out there, does anyone have some suggestions, examples or whatever that would be of help.  I don’t want to put a lot of time into my proposal for design time that may not be required.  In another words, I don’t want to reinvent the procedure.