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RE: CMU Spec

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H Joe;
	From our SEAOCC masonry seminar a couple of months ago, the new
standard for masonry is ACI 530-05.
	Concrete Block formerly UBC Standard 21-4, Grade N, should now be
	Mortar shall comply with ASTM C270, Type S.
	Grout shall comply with ASTM C476 and shall be ?Fine? or ?Coarse?.
Our note says ?Fine?.
	Reinforcement is still ASTM A615, Grade 40 or 60 with weldable to be
ASTM A706.
	I can?t find anything for brick but I suspect you could just say ATM
	Welding of Rebar UBC Standard 19.1 low hydrogen should now be AWS
D1.4-98 for reinforcing steel.  We typically don?t allow welding of
reinforcing steel.
	There is extensive testing notes as well.  If you don't already have
them, you should get ACI 530-05 and the "2006 Design of Masonry Structures"
manual published by CMACN.  SEAOC has a pretty good price on the manual.  
	I hope this helps.  Take care,

Terry Weatherby
Engineering and Design
Jackson, CA

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Subject: CMU Spec

Hello all:
I have plan check corrections for these items and I have found out no one in
our company has updated their plan spec yet, so I am the fall guy.  I need
to change our old specs for Concrete Block U.B.C. STD. 21-4  Grade N; for
Brick U.B.C. STD. 21-4
and Welding of Rebar  U.B.C. STD. 19.1  low hydrogen.  What are the new
designated spec for these ?
Thanks very much
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA

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