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RE: CMU Spec

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Actually ASTM C34 is for structural clay load-bearing tile.
ASTM C216 is for facing brick (i.e. solid masonry units from clay or shale).  There is also ASTM C62 for building brick.
ASTM C652 is for hollow brick (i.e. hollow masonry units made from clay or shale).
ASTM C126 is for ceramic glazed strucural clay tile, facing brick and solid masonry units.
ASTM C212 is for structural clay facing tile.
ASTM C1088 is for thin veneer brick units made from clay or shale.
If you want to get nitty-gritty for CMU, then...
ASTM C90 is for loadbearing concrete masonry units.
ASTM C55 is for concrete building brick.
ASTM C73 is for calcium silicate brick (sand-lime brick).
ASTM C129 is for non-loadingbearing concrete masonry units.
and ASTM C744 is fro prefaced concrete and calcium silicate masonry units.
And for your reference, a hollow brick (as defined by C652) is when the net cross section is between 40% to 75% of the gross cross sectional area due to cores, cells, or deep frogs.  Thus, many bricks that have two to three small cores in them are still technically considered a solid brick (and thus either C216 or C62).
Adrian, MI
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Thanks Teey & Scott
I have found some in the text of Ch. 17
For Brick it is  ASTM C34
Joe Venuti
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