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RE: CBC Ch 17

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If you look at the tests/inspections for 1707 & 1708, they are mainly still welding or materials inspections/testing...just of the seismic resisting elements.  Thus, any welding or material, etc special inspector should like still be appropriate.  The idea behind special inspections is to ensure that proper construction processes and materials are being used and installed properly.  Structural observations are meant to ensure that the design intent is being followed, not that it is necessarily being constructed properly.  In otherwords, a special inspector will NOT verify if the contractor understands the intent of the construction documents, but is installing the called out materials properly...but the structural observation IS to verify that the intent is being followed, but not that it is constructed properly.  Or...special inspection is kind of the micro level review (sees the trees, but not the forest) and the structural observation is kind of the macro level (sees the forest, not the trees).  Don't know if that helps or not.
Adrian, MI
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Another Ch 17 question
Section 1705 we list out the type and extend of special inspections and testing required.
Section 1705.3 & .4 List the specific areas to be inspected.
Section 1707 indicates to the "Special Inspector" areas of seismic concerns
Section 1708 indicates to the "Special Inspector" areas of seismic testing concerns
Section 1709 deals with Structural Observation for Seismic & Wind by SER or us you could say.
So who gets hired to complete Sections 1707 & 8 ? Most ICBO/ ICC certified special inspectors may be qualified for material inspections but not for seismic or wind systems.
The building official approves these special inspectors but some of them are not qualified either.  How have some of you began to deal with this here in California and beyond ?
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA

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