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RE: Special Inspections was: CBC Ch 17

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The problem is that the ambiguity can leave the QA QC twisting in the wind.  This is an issue that extends well beyond the California state line.  I have been working on a special inspection manual for our internal use.  Our specs require the use of our special inspection manual.  No one else that we work for has one. 
Most of my work is military and we have to have special inspection on blast resistant elements.  The IBC does not cover that.  I "borrowed" heavily from other municipality special inspection manuals. The one concept that I definately like is the "Special Inspector of Record" in the Kansas City, Missouri manual. 
There could be a dozen special inspectors.  The "Special Inspector of Record" is responsible for making sure that they all do their jobs, he collects all of the reports, and he has to sign off that all discrepencies were resolved to the satisfaction of the EOR.  The SIOR is required to be a PE.  It really makes the EOR's life easier. 
I would suggest that a good special inspection manual be required in the project specifications.  It would also be a good idea to require the submittal of the special inspector's QA QC plan.  He could use whatever manual that he wants. 
If nothing is done, special inspections are just a check in the box and are not a real QC. 

Harold Sprague

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Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 22:12:06 -0400
Subject: CBC Ch 17
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Another Ch 17 question
Section 1705 we list out the type and extend of special inspections and testing required.
Section 1705.3 & .4 List the specific areas to be inspected.
Section 1707 indicates to the "Special Inspector" areas of seismic concerns
Section 1708 indicates to the "Special Inspector" areas of seismic testing concerns
Section 1709 deals with Structural Observation for Seismic & Wind by SER or us you could say.
So who gets hired to complete Sections 1707 & 8 ? Most ICBO/ ICC certified special inspectors may be qualified for material inspections but not for seismic or wind systems.
The building official approves these special inspectors but some of them are not qualified either.  How have some of you began to deal with this here in California and beyond ?
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA

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