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Re: Concrete Assessment after Fire

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According to Composition and Properties of Concrete (MGH 1968), concrete samples subjected to temperature "T" and crushed after cooling had the following compressive strength (relatively to that at 70F): 85% at T=200F, 70% at T=450F, 50% at T=700F.
Although technically unreinforced, SOGs may be subjected to considerable forces under the normal use conditions.  Besides, due to the concrete strength loss, the new post-installed anchors will not have the specified strength.  This means that the residual loss of strength due to the fire strongly justifies the post-fire replacement of at least the portions of SOG exposed to the fire.   
In my experience, the insurance companies did not have any problems covering such losses.
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA
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Subject: Concrete Assessment after Fire

I'm working with a client whose home recently caught fire.  A good
part of the structure is still intact, though badly burned.  There's a
stairway in the home that is built of tube steel with concrete treads.
 The fire got so hot that the weight of the treads caused the tube
steel to bend down significantly.

The client is discussing the way forward with his insurance company
and one question he has is about the integrity of the existing slab
foundation.  The house was built in the 60's, so it's unclear what
sort of reinforcement is in the slab.  From the top, there's no visual
clues as to the condition.  It's black in places, but seems intact.

So here's my questions:

- Are there some good resources out there where I can learn about
concrete performance after a fire?
- Does anyone know of a company in Northern California (the home is in
Davis) that can do post-fire concrete assessment?

Thanks in advance,


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