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RE: bullet proof concrete?

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The equations for concrete resistance to ballistic impact is contained in the TM5-1300, Section 4-60, AKA the Thor Equations. 
I believe they were named after some Canadian ;>).

Harold Sprague

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Use the Thor equations for basic penetration mechanics.  Penetration mechanics is a very complicated topic.  I would not want to certify anything without running the actual UL 752 or DOJ tests.  The Thor equations will get you to a starting point. 

Harold Sprague

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Subject: bullet proof concrete?

A friend of mine is asking me what kind of concrete would be equivalent to a UL 752 level 3 bullet proof rating, they are thinking of replacing  a compressed ballistic grade fiberglass roving with something cheaper in a new construction project. Perhaps some kind of masonry would also be an option… I am not familiar with hardened construction standards, is there a resource out there I could look at? Any experiences to learn from?



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