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OT: 'Missing link' memristor created: Rewrite the textbooks?

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This is an interesting electrical engineering article on the discovery of a new gizmo that I thought I'd share.
> The hold-up over the last 37 years, according to professor Chua, has been a misconception that has pervaded electronic circuit theory. That misconception
> is that the fundamental relationship in passive circuitry is between voltage and charge. What the researchers contend is that the fundamental relationship
>  is actually between changes-in-voltage, or flux, and charge. Such is the insight that enabled HP to invent the memristor, according to Chua and Williams.
> "Electronic theorists have been using the wrong pair of variables all these years--voltage and charge. The missing part of electronic theory was that the
> fundamental pair of variables is flux and charge," said Chua. The situation is analogous to what is called "Aristotle's Law of Motion, which was wrong,
> because he said that force must be proportional to velocity. That misled people for 2000 years until Newton came along and pointed out that Aristotle was
> using the wrong variables. Newton said that force is proportional to acceleration--the change in velocity.