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Intermediate Moment Frame Connection

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We have a small 50'x80' two story rigid frame structure in Design Category
D.  The roof is metal decking and the floor is composite concrete and metal
deck (the weight of the beams and slab less than 35 psf) and is less than 35
feet in height. For this small structure, we (and the contractor of
course)would like to keep it simple. We are thinking of using an frame in
accordance with ASCE7  I have 2 questions for this structure.

1.  We were thinking of using an Intermediate Moment Frame.  I am confused
on which prequalified beam to column connections may be used.  In the AISC
Seismic Design Manual, AISC358, Prequalified Connections for Special and
Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications, notes that the
RBS and both the unstiffened and stiffened end plate connections are
acceptable.  We saw no mention of any other prequalified connection.
However, in the Seismic Provisions (AISC 341-05) commentary on page 6.1-169
of the Seismic Design Manual seems to indicate that the FEMA 350 WUF-B and
WUF-W would be acceptable.  Which connections are acceptable for an IMF?

2.   ASCE7 seems to indicate that even an OMF is acceptable for
roof, floor and wall weights less than 35psf.  The building would meet the
criteria if floor partition loads were not included.  In ASCE7, partition
loads are noted as LL.  Would this frame be acceptable as an OMF?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. 

Joseph Eribarne

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