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Re: TMS 402/ASCE 4/ACI 530 Pilaster Question

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ACI 530-05(ASCE,TMS) Section "Beams":
Members designed primarily to resist flexure shall comply with requirements of Section  The factored axial compressive force on a beam shall not exceed 0.05An f'm.
Section then states "Transverse Reinforcement shall be provided where Vu exceeds Fi*Vm", and then goes into detailing specs.
Let me know if you need more info.
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA

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From: Bill Allen
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Subject: TMS 402/ASCE 4/ACI 530 Pilaster Question

Are all vertical load supporting elements columns when it comes to masonry?


Specifically, I have a 16? square pilaster supporting a trellis. The plan checker considers this element a column and is insisting that I provide ties at 8?. I contend that the pilaster is primarily a flexural member and that fa/F?m is very, very small. I seem to recall this in the concrete section (P<=0.10f?cAg or something like that), but I don?t really see a definition of a column in the masonry section of the code. Of course, I don?t yet have TMS 402, so I?m kind of flying blind.


Any clarifications would be appreciated.




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