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Re: Telemarketing calls

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I guess it's the difference between an engineering classroom and a "community" that's free to exchange information, technical and otherwise.

I like it.


In a message dated 6/3/08 12:05:49 PM, boyd(--nospam--at) writes:

Are you beginning to feel the effects of the summer heat, specifically, a
lower tolerance level to non work related phone calls? Well so am I! There
is nothing technically enlightening about these emails, get it?

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On Jun 3, 2008, at 12:52 PM, Scott Maxwell wrote:

> My biggest problem now is all that damn politically
> related calls.  We are into another election cycle and they come 
> out of the
> woodwork like cochroaches with their pre-recorded messages.
You're out of luck there because political messages aren't covered by 
do not call, nor are charities. I usually let caller ID screen my 
call for me. The do not call complaint page wants the number and the 
id of the caller if you have it. If I'm feeling especially irritated, 
I do a Google search on the phone number--just the number without 
going to a white pages listing--and it usually turns up what I need 
in a few minutes.

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